Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yes! The first edition of my podcast, Czechs in America, is here!
You can listen to it by clicking here. Please send feedback to I would like to thank for hosting my podcast.

Hurá! Už je tady první díl podcastu Češi v Americe! Můžete si ho poslechnout kliknutím zde. Prosím posílejte své názory na adresu Chtěla bych poděkovat firmě za webhosting tohoto podcastu.

I would also like to credit the Czech singer and songwriter Jaromír Nohavica for the opening and closing music.

Chtěla bych se zmínit, že úvodní a závěrečná hudba jsou skladby Jaromíra Nohavici.


Karin said...

This sounds terrific! I enjoyed your questions as much as her answers. And it was good that it was sometimes English first, Czech second and other times Czech first, English second. Kept me on my toes, as it were.

On a personal note: I didn't realize that when you left Prague to come here for the first time, you didn't know if you'd ever see your family again. That's huge for anyone, but especially for a kid.

"Keep up!"

baruna said...

great stuff - enjoyed listening - very happy that i've found you! - much luck